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I had no previous experience as a business owner and there’s no way I could have made the progress I have without Mark’s help. I’ve learnt so many things about business from him and continue to do so. It’s been challenging but STP have helped me get through these tough times. I don’t consider STP as a typical accountant because of the lengths they go to. When I’ve needed help and advice, Mark’s always made time for me and put my mind at rest. I can still get stressed and frustrated but Mark gives great advice and I now feel more confident in making decisions after consulting with him.

In the past, we put together a business plan that outlined targets and goals I needed to achieve so my business could grow. It also showed where we needed to make savings and cuts, which also helped retain funds. It made it easy to see where I was going wrong, helped me rectify my problems and made my business more profitable in less than 12 months